Benefits & FAQ

Here is information about benefits provided by Iowa DPS and some answers to frequently asked questions.


The Benefits

Iowa DPS stands with you. The benefits are limitless when you join Iowa DPS. Now is the time to join. Watch the video to learn about benefits for sworn officers.


Iowa DPS Starting Salary Schedule

Effective June 23, 2023
 Annual MinimumAnnual Maximum
Trooper 1$52,769.60$76,356.80
Trooper 2$62,150.40$93,454.40
Trooper 3$63,440.00$95,326.40
Special Agent 2$69,617.60$104,644.80
Effective June 21, 2024
 Annual MinimumAnnual Maximum
Trooper 1$56,201.60$81,328.00
Trooper 2$66,185.60$99,528.00
Trooper 3$67,558.40$101,524.80
Special Agent 2$74,152.00$111,446.40


Benefits (Health, Dental, Life, EAP)

The State of Iowa’s commitment to its employees is demonstrated by the compensation and benefits package provided to you by the State of Iowa.  In addition to your direct compensation as a State of Iowa employee, a significant amount is spent on the benefit plans available to you and your family


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Peace Officer Retirement

You automatically become a member of POR after you are sworn in as a peace officer with the Iowa Department of Public Safety.  POR is a traditional “defined benefit” pension plan.  Benefits grow throughout your POR-covered employment as your salary and years of service increase. Your retirement with POR will provide a lifetime benefit for you and for your family. POR benefits also offer financial protection for you and your family if the event of death or disability.  Please click the link to learn more about POR: .  If you have questions about POR complete the contact a recruiter form.

Retirement Investors’ Club

The Retirement Investors’ Club (RIC), administered by the Iowa Department of Administrative Services, is an employer-sponsored voluntary retirement savings program for employees of the state of Iowa and participating public entities. RIC is designed to supplement your pension (IPERS, POR, Judicial) and social security benefits at retirement. Contributions are made pretax through payroll deductions and investment earnings grow tax-deferred.


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If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please contact a recruiter. We would be glad to answer any questions you have.

How Long Is the DPS Academy?

The DPS Academy is 20 weeks long. We also offer a 10-week Academy for certified officers during the next certified hiring process. Please note that if you are currently certified and you apply to the Basic Academy, you will need to complete the full 20-weeks.

Do certified officers need to attend the DPS Academy?

Yes, current ILEA certified officers need to apply during an open application window and if selected, will need to attend the DPS Academy.

How long does the hiring process take?

You can expect to spend several months completing the hiring process for the Iowa DPS Academy. Typically the process takes around 6 months. For in-depth information about each phase of the hiring process, please visit our website at

I’m only interested in becoming a Special Agent. Can I be hired directly to DCI, DNE, DOI, or SFM?

The law enforcement career path typically begins as a State Trooper. You are welcome to apply for any position that you would like. Please keep in mind that positions within other divisions are first posted internally for our current employees and it is somewhat rare that those positions would be filled by someone in the academy. We encourage you to be open to a potential position as a Trooper with the goal of then applying to become a Special Agent when eligible.

Can I schedule a ride-along with one of my local Troopers?

Please contact your local district office to begin the process of scheduling. Interested parties that have already submitted an employment application will be given priority for ride-along requests. Please click on this link to locate the state patrol post closest to you:

I do not live in Iowa, but want to become a sworn member of the Iowa Department of Public Safety. What is the process?

We will work with out-of-state applicants to minimize travel to Iowa to complete the 10 steps of the hiring process.

I submitted an application for a previous selection process. Am I required to send a new application, grade transcripts, birth certificate and DD214?

For every new selection process, new/current application forms must be submitted. You are not required to resubmit a new birth certificate, grade transcripts or DD214 if you applied in the two years prior to the current process. The only time you would be required to submit a new set of grade transcripts is in the event you attended additional college classes since the last time you applied with the department. 

Application packets are kept on file for three years only. If you are not certain if the department has your documents on file from a previous selection process, it is suggested that these forms be resubmitted.

Can I have some more information about joining Iowa DPS?

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Now Hiring


There are so many ways to help the community and be a part of a great team here at Iowa DPS. Explore the opportunities we have to offer in a professional career.


Sworn Officer Positions

Our next DPS Basic Academy (sworn officer) application process will open on January 19, 2024. Applications for the DPS academy process will be available at that time.

Applications are now closed.

To apply for a sworn officer position, please complete the link below.

Peace Officer Candidate (Non-Sworn)

If you are interested in working with Iowa DPS as a Peace Officer Candidate at Post 16, please visit the link below.

Civilian Positions

If you are interested in working with Iowa DPS in a civilian role, please visit the link below.